Infinite Grace: An Extended Portrait of Pinky/MM Bass

Pinky Bass is, first and foremost, my friend. I met the Alabama artist over 35 years ago, and throughout our long-distance friendship she has inspired me with her work and with her unyielding strength. In some ways, Pinky is easy to photograph; she loves being seen through someone else’s lens, and when the opportunity arises, she is an absolutely fearless subject. In other ways, she is impossible to photograph; how could I capture her complexity and convey the losses she’s endured? While reaching the twilight of life means losses are inevitable, hers have been especially cruel. In many of my photographs of her, there is certainly a sense of world-weariness that has taken its toll, that every crease on her face is well earned. However, Pinky’s singular fierceness of spirit always shines through. I’ve watched her age with infinite grace, and this extended portrait is a celebration of her inspiring perseverance.

LenScratch Interview: Carolyn DeMeritt

LenScratch Interview: Pinky/MM Bass