There’s a common thread that connects the images in this series, some of which were taken many years ago on family vacations or road trips. Between wrangling all of the kids and the dogs, planning meals, and travel time—memories of fun and chaos that I treasure—these photos take me back to the quiet, peaceful moments I snuck away to shoot a little and have some creative time for myself. From the coasts of the Carolinas to the mountains of Maine, any time I shoot a landscape my hope is to capture a familiar place in my own unique way.   

Inland Waterway and Windswept Trees
Three Trees, Inland Waterway, NC
Clara's Swing
Swing, Mad Inlet, NC
Clara's Pond
Mt. Katahdin, Maine
Everglades Vista
Bald Head Island
Georgetown, SC
Ruinas de Mitla, Mitla, Oaxaca
Viewing Bank of America
Abandoned Train Through Trees
La Vista, Ocatlan de Morelos, Mexico
La Milpa, Ocatlan de Morelos, Mexico
1993 Las Ruinas de Yagul, Mexico
Convent Clothes Line, Italy
Cactus en Las Ruinas de Yagul, Mexico
Los Cardos, Reyes, Mexico
Las Ruinas de Yagul / Árbol
Pier, Sunset Beach, NC
Calabash River Dock
Porto Garibaldi, Italy #1
Porto Garibaldi, Italy #2
Porto Garibaldi, Italy #3
3 / 2 with Charlotte Skyline
Las Ruinas de Yagul con Nubes, Mexico
Marsh Walkway, SC
Marsh Grass, Sunset Beach, NC
Mad Inlet, Sunset Beach, NC
Clouds over Marsh, Sunset Beach, NC
Low Country Road
Crossing Brooklyn Bridge One Week Before 9/11
Los Pavos, Oaxaca, Mexico
What Remains, Rockingham, NC