Traveling South

I was born, raised—and always will be—a southerner. The region’s landscape, with its poignant reminders of the south of my childhood, offers a wealth of visual stimulation and a myriad of stories reflecting the complexities of what it means to be southern. Whether in the remains of abandoned buildings, billboards advertising long-forgotten products, or the shared stories of strong people along the way, I find the gothic mix of innocence, violence, and moral ambivalence so much the core of the southern experience. 

Cross, Tuckers Grove Church Camp
David's Snake
Young Girl, Tuckers Grove Church Camp
Young Man, Tuckers Grove Church Camp
R.L. (Ruben) Miller and Kitty
The Painter from Texas
Mahalia Jackson Fan, Tuckers Grove Church Camp
Lifting Up Jesus
Florida Ruins
Abandoned Miccosukee Camp in the Everglades
Fallen Crosses
Cherokee Statue
Chained Dogs
Yard Art in Alabama
Window, Tuckers Grove Church Camp
Urban Landscape with White Tarp
Bulb, Tuckers Grove Church Camp
Drive-In Movie
Angel and Grandmother
Klan Robe in a Mississippi Closet
Jesus on the Ground
The Deer
Handling the Snake
Mary's Daughter
C.B. Repair Shop
8 Saved
Billboard Near Chicora-Siouan Headquarters, SC
What Remains, Rockingham, NC